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Community empowerment

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    Záhlaví-jméno Jang, Li-ju (autor)
    Údaje o názvuCommunity empowerment : lessons learned from Typhoon Morakot / Li-ju Jang, Douglas Paton
    Dal.odpovědnost Paton, Douglas (autor)
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    In Sociální práce v nejisté době. - S. 274-285
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    AnotaceThe Post-Morakot Community Empowerment Projects in Taiwan was designed to equip the affected people and community organizations with required skills to be self-reliant and eventually develop a sustainable community. This study intends to understand the current situation of the projects. It also provides opportunities for social workers as well as community leaders from newly-constructed permanent housing communities to share their opinions and suggestions. It is hoped that their voices can be heard by the government and Reconstruction Council. Research methods: Group and individual interviews were conducted and total 26 social workers and 26 community leaders participated in this study. Findings: Study results indicate that the following factors may enhance the effectiveness of the Community Empowerment Projects, such as providing appropriate training to community workers, wisely applying the administrative power of local government at the township level, respecting local leaders as experts of native culture and community issues, respecting community organizations' ways of operations, constructing a shared vision among local community organizations and initiating collaboration within the community and between communities. Conclusions and recommendations: 1. Establishing partnership among the advisory team, community empowerment agencies, and community members. The advisory team provides technical assistance, community empowerment stations act as a communication bridge between government and local community, and community members lead the directions of community empowerment projects. 2. Training small business in disaster-prone areas. Providing technical assistance to and having funds available for small businesses so they can quickly recover from damages caused by disasters. Thus, small business can continue providing job opportunities for disaster survivors. Furthermore, it can initiate the recovery of local economy.
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