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Child protection and the educational system - challenges of children migrants to Norway

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    Záhlaví-jméno Wallin Weihe, Hans-Jorgen (autor)
    Údaje o názvuChild protection and the educational system - challenges of children migrants to Norway / Hans-Jørgen Wallin Weihe
    In Sociální práce v nejisté době. - S. 294-307
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    AnotaceUnlike most other European economies the Norwegian economy has in recent years been expanding and attracting a number of immigrants. In 2011 it was registered the highest number ever with 79.500 immigrants coming to Norway of whom 44 % came from Poland and the Baltic countries. An increasing number of immigrants came with their families and often with children. The good Norwegian economy in the midst of a Europe in financial crises is likely to attract an increasing number of immigrants from crises torn countries in southern Europe. Actually such an increasing in work seekers and their families are rapidly developing. The latest few years there have been an increasingly heated debate concerning Norwegian practices of child care and intervention as well as the Norwegian educational system. Particularly the practice of removing children from their families and placing them in custody of either institutional care or in foster homes has been criticized. In the school system challenges have been what have been experienced as "lack of discipline" adapting to a new language and environment. In a country of about five million even small groups of immigrants are noticeable. In some areas of the country there are more immigrants than in others. Particularly that is true for the economical boom areas of Oslo and around Stavanger. The first major wave of migration started to the Oslo area from Asia and mostly from Pakistan. Most of them coming were unskilled workers and most of them settled and maintain an ethnic, language and religious minority apart from the rest of the population. Today most of them are Norwegian citizens and we have second, third and even fourth generation immigrants with an identity separate from the rest of the population. In a number of schools, particularly in the Oslo area, a majority of students have an ethnic background separate identity and even home language from the majority of the population. The overwhelming majority of the new immigrants are Europeans and they represent far different traditions and challenges. In this paper I will focus upon the "new" European immigrants and the challenges we share in the Europe with families with children moving from one country and settling in Norway.
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