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Norwegian foster home placements and the challenge of immigrant children

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    Záhlaví-jméno Wallin Weihe, Hans-Jorgen (autor)
    Údaje o názvuNorwegian foster home placements and the challenge of immigrant children / Hans-Jørgen Wallin Weihe
    In Sociální práce v nejisté době. - S. 308-329
    Předmět.hesla mezinárodní migrace - Norsko
    migrační politika - Norsko
    integrace imigrantů - Norsko
    rodiny s dětmi - Norsko
    děti imigrantů - Norsko
    ochrana dětí - Norsko
    sociálně-právní ochrana dětí - Norsko
    náhradní rodinná péče - Norsko
    multikulturalismus - Norsko
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    AnotaceNorway has attracted a large number of immigrants both Europeans and from outside of Europe. A number of them have moved to Norway with their families and children. Child protection/Child welfare services, which in Norway is on the municipality level, has had a number of cases involving children of immigrants. A number of them have resulted in children been taken away from the families of origin and placements in foster families or in child protection institutions. Several of the cases have resulted in critique from professionals and authorities in home-countries of the immigrants as well as from the families involved. The challenge of international cooperation, professional standards as well as the legal aspects of such cases require international cooperation and solutions. The paper discuss the situation of foster home placements as well as point to the challenge of different national and professional standards as well as legal differences. In an earlier presentation "Child protection and the educational system - challenges of children migrants to Norway" (Weihe, 2013) the author has presented challenges on a more general level including both the challenge of schools and child protection. The question if foster care works is important regardless of culture and nationality (Fernandez, 2009; Knudsen Egelund, Hestbaek, 2009). Placement in foster care give many challenges, some of them of the same kind as all parents face and some influenced by being placed in a new care situation (Anderson, Kronvall, 2007). However, multiculturalism and immigration give particular challenges for foster homes (Hannemann, 2003). Traditional cultural traditions, behaviour patterns as well as language is different in the new care situation. For the child the experience is sometimes positive and sometimes very challenging. For the biological family the new care situation can confront the very core values of the individual family as sometimes their own culture. Further returnees after a period of being in another country and those commuting between two countries means that the authorities in two countries often will relate to the same challenges.
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