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Social work and the memories of the First World War in neutral Norway

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    Záhlaví-jméno Wallin Weihe, Hans-Jorgen (autor)
    Údaje o názvuSocial work and the memories of the First World War in neutral Norway / Hans-Jørgen Wallin Weihe
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    In Sociální práce v nejisté době. - S. 330-360
    Předmět.hesla sociální práce - Norsko
    posttraumatická stresová porucha
    psychická traumata
    druhá světová válka (1939-1945)
    válečné památníky - Norsko
    historické vědomí - Norsko
    vyrovnání se s minulostí - Norsko
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    AnotaceSocial work and the memories of the First World War in neutral Norway - the penetrating memories of the past. During the First World War Norway were neutral and a new nation that gained independence from Sweden in 1905. As a sea travelling nation Norway had many local communities with large losses of sailors due to submarine activity and losses due to mines. Many Norwegian immigrants were recruited as soldiers both from the Commonwealth countries and from the USA. Quite a number of those soldiers died mostly participating on the western front. Some of the sea battles, particularly the Jutland Battle and torpedoing of a British cruiser off Bodo, resulted in a number of German and British Seamen being buried and having their war graves in Norway. In addition a number of British, German and Austrian-Hungarian and Russian soldiers were interned. Quite a number of those soldiers came as part of an agreement between the fighting nations and Red Cross to evacuate wounded enemy soldiers kept as prisoners of War. Many of them were interned in small local communities in southern Norway partly in convalescence and partly just being interned and working in local communities. A number of them died during internship and quite a number chose to stay on after their internship. Particularly that was so for internees that could not or did not want to return to their home countries after the war due to political reasons. The paper presentation will discuss the memories of the First World and the impact on Norwegian politics as well as how the memory of the war has influenced a selected number of local Norwegian communities. The material used will be local historical work as well as press coverage and analysis of textbooks used up to the 12th grade level. Some local memorials and world war one tombstones will be described as well as memorial ceremonies. Many social workers will work with trauma, grief and post trauma stress reactions and need to understand the long time cultural context and roots of such reactions. Thus, even I long ago the impacts of the events of the First World War is still of importance for the social workers of today.
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