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Local government - between law and economics

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    Záhlaví-jméno Babczuk, Arkadiusz (autor)
    Údaje o názvuLocal government - between law and economics / Arkadiusz Babczuk, Marian Kachniarz, Zbigniew Piepiora
    Dal.odpovědnost Kachniarz, Marian (autor)
    Piepiora, Zbigniew (autor)
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    In Hradecké ekonomické dny. Hradec Economic Days. - S. 27-33 (tištěný sborník), s. 33-39 (online zdroj)
    Předmět.hesla místní správa - interdisciplinární aspekty
    místní správa - právní aspekty
    místní správa - ekonomické aspekty
    Forma, žánr články ze sborníku
    AnotaceThe functioning of local government is influenced by diverse determinants constituting the subject of interest for various scientific disciplines. The leading ones, in this respect, are legal and political sciences, sociology and economy (including the science about an organization and management). Unfortunately, in spite of their highly interdisciplinary nature, the majority of research on local government is focused on the specific areas – not many of these studies, however, present an interdisciplinary nature. The article discusses the dominating concepts of local government at the background of legal and economic sciences. The focus was placed on dichotomy, resulting from different paradigms followed in the particular disciplines, and also the areas of potential closer cooperation were defined. It is aimed at making both economists and administration law specialists aware of other determinants influencing the situation of local government – taking them into consideration can result in better understanding of its nature and the related, more accurate, explanations based on the conducted research.
    Konspekt352/354 - Stupně místní, oblastní a ústřední správy
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