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State aid for small and medium enterprises in peripheral regions

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    Záhlaví-jméno Brůžková, Pavla (autor)
    Údaje o názvuState aid for small and medium enterprises in peripheral regions / Pavla Brůžková
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    In Hradecké ekonomické dny. Hradec Economic Days. - S. 93-99 (tištěný sborník), s. 99-105 (online zdroj)
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    AnotaceSupport for economic activity in structurally affected regions and/or in regions with high unemployment rate has been generally one of the main topics of regional policy. Within the programme ROZVOJ implemented in the years 2007 – 2013, state aid has been provided to SMEs for acquisitions of new technological equipment with the aim of enhancing their growth potential and competitiveness. Evaluation of territorial and sectorial structure of supported projects shows very high success rate of applicants in all the regions. However, impacts of these provisions on the regional labour market indicators remain unclear. Such investment support tools may have well corresponded to development needs of SMEs at the time; in the coming years, focus should be shifted to maintaining their competitive advantage via facilitation of international co-operation, greater use of suitable financial instruments or support for further involvement in foreign markets.
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