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How do the brand, price, and quality of goods influence purchasing decisions of seniors

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    Záhlaví-jméno Celer, Čeněk, 1954- (autor)
    Údaje o názvuHow do the brand, price, and quality of goods influence purchasing decisions of seniors / Čeněk Celer
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    In Hradecké ekonomické dny. Hradec Economic Days. - S. 108-116 (tištěný sborník), s. 114-122 (online zdroj)
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    AnotaceBy gaining an understanding of consumers‘ actual shopping behavior companies are more successful in meeting customer needs. As part of the research 418 seniors aged 60+ and living in the Ústi region were interviewed. The focus of the research was to evaluate their amount of spending on goods for daily use and the frequency of their purchases while also taking into account sociodemographic factors. What was also examined was their brand loyalty and attitude to price vs. quality. Women buy more frequently and in smaller volumes and almost half of the respondents did not spend more than 500 CZK on a single purchase. 60 % of seniors regularly make use of discounts, while one third do so only occasionally. Most of all the 65+ age group responds to special offers. Brand loyalty applies to less than a quarter of respondents, half of the respondents change goods according to price, which is the deciding factor for most of the elderly. The research shows that seniors do not form a homogeneous group, rather representing to some extent a kind of super segment. Many companies have come to realise that seniors represent an attractive consumer target group, which they must get to know.
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