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Respecting spiritual diversity in social work

  1. Canda, Edward Robert

    Respecting spiritual diversity in social work : clients' rights to freedom of and freedom from religion / Edward R. Canda. -- Abstrakt: This paper summarizes ethical principles to guide respect for the diverse religious and nonreligious spiritual perspectives of clients in social work practice. These principles are developed for the international movement on spiritually sensitive practice that emerged in North America and now has collaborations in several countries. They are based on four sources: 1) widely used professional codes of ethics, such those of the USA National Association of Social Workers and the International Federation of Social Workers; 2) standards for competent practice in settings of health, mental health, and hospice; 3) United Nations statements on human rights; 4) current research on the role of religion and spirituality in human development and evidence for effective spiritually based therapies. Professional definitions of religion and spirituality are presented in order to accomodate the highly diverse cultural backgrounds of clients found in North America and internationally. Implications for the Czech context are briefly considered. -- Dostupné též v elektronické podobě.
    In: Sociální práce v nejisté době. -- Vydání první. -- Hradec Králové : Gaudeamus, 2016. -- 198 stran. -- 978-80-7435-648-3. -- S. 14-22.

    sociální práce * sociální práce - náboženské aspekty * sociální práce - etické a morální aspekty * svoboda vyznání * náboženská víra * spiritualita * lidská práva * články ze sborníku
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