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Preparation of social workers to work with teachers in the field of family support in the context of the present uncertain in Ukraine

  1. Khyzhna, Olga

    Preparation of social workers to work with teachers in the field of family support in the context of the present uncertain in Ukraine / Olga Khyzhna, Olena Kondratyeva. -- Abstrakt: Political and economic transformation in Ukraine in recent decades, exacerbated the problems of the population, exposed the new social cleavages. Fundamental changes in approaches to development and implementation of social policy based on priorities, which include guaranteeing the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, development of civil society, its democratic institutions, strengthen political and social stability in society, creating a competitive, socially oriented market economy and is constantly rising living standards and welfare the development of spirituality, moral principles and intellectual potential of the Ukrainian people, strengthening the physical health of the nation, creating the conditions for expanded reproduction of the population. The problem of renovation the national cultural values, traditions and mentality in Ukrainian families as the most permanent element of society are deals in the article. The significance of pedagogical interaction in a family and a school is presented. The author analyzed the semantic aspects of mentality as the foundation of the family in its past, present and future in the context of the European strategy of Ukraine's development. The article presents the peculiarities of pedagogical culture in forming the mentality of the Ukrainian family as a unity of several generations: the adjustment and orientation on the values and traditions of the Ukrainian nation, people; the social adaptation and development of spiritual, moral principles and faith; the overcoming the crisis conditions by generating economic literacy; the production of the democratic relations by link of the system "family-school-community". The role of the family in the socialization of the child as the process of integration of the individual into society thanks to his mastery of the requirements, acquisition of the socially significant characteristics of consciousness and behavior that govern its relationship with other people and society as a whole. The features of family socialization as focused and as a non-regulated process, which is implemented not only through specially organized influence of adults (education) on the child, but also by monitoring their behavior and inheritance of all adult members of the family group. The signs of a social space of the family and the mechanisms of its influence on the process of socialization of the younger person are characterized.
    In: Sociální práce v nejisté době. -- Vydání první. -- Hradec Králové: Gaudeamus, 2016. -- 465 stran. -- 978-80-7435-647-6. -- S. 268-273.
    I. Kondratyeva, Olena

    rodina * rodiny s dětmi * rodiče a děti * socializace * sociální problémy - Ukrajina * společnost - Ukrajina * rodinná politika - Ukrajina * sociální práce s rodinou - Ukrajina * Ukrajina - sociální poměry * články ze sborníku
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