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Podnikat v sektoru osobních služeb vyžaduje znalost formy podnikání

  1. Levičková, Věra

    Podnikat v sektoru osobních služeb vyžaduje znalost formy podnikání = Business in the field of personal services requires knowledge of business forms / Věra Levičková. -- Abstrakt: At present we commonly encounter such concepts as entrepreneur, entrepreneurship. These are attributes of market economy. As a consequence of transformations that our country has passed through, entrepreneurship has become a common part of our life. Entrepreneurship requires particular preconditions – economic, as well as social and technical ones. To be successful at its beginning it is primarily important to be oriented in the process of the foundation of an economic unit. Willingness to do business is linked with risks that create a barrier for this activity. To have an intention of beginning entrepreneurship is conditioned by awareness of terms and possibilities that enable us to run such profitable activity. The contribution presents the economic and legal situation in doing business in the Czech Republic. -- Dostupné též v elektronické podobě.
    In: Hradecké ekonomické dny. -- Vydání první. -- Hradec Králové: Univerzita Hradec Králové, 2016. -- 232 s.. -- ISSN 2464-6032. -- S. 133-139.

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