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  1. Honková, Irena

    Burnout : the real threat not only for top managers / Irena Honková, Zdeněk Brodský, Jana Fukasová. -- Abstrakt: This paper deals with the issue of burnout. It describes the causes, course and treatment of burnout in cases of two employees holding completely different job positions. It is a comparison of two different professions, a manager and a saleswoman at a bookstore, or a subjective evaluation of their burnout experiences. Common signs have been described as follows: it is primarily a psychological condition, an exhaustion experience that was typical among employees who professionally work with people. Symptoms are mental, physical and social – total exhaustion and overall fatigue that have been caused by prolonged stress. -- Dostupné též v elektronické podobě.
    In: Hradecké ekonomické dny. -- Hradec Economic Days. -- Hradec Králové: University of Hradec Králové, 2016. -- 457 s.. -- ISSN 2464-6059. -- 978-80-7435-633-9. -- S. 252-259 (tištěný sborník), s. 258-265 (online zdroj).
    I. Brodský, Zdeněk, 1975- II. Fukasová, Jana

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