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Economic impact of events in destination

  1. Janeček, Petr

    Economic impact of events in destination / Petr Janeček. -- 4 grafy, 1 tabulka. -- Abstrakt: More and more festivals are organized every year around the world, in big cities and villages alike, due to the numerous benefits they are perceived to bring at local and national levels. Festivals and events are increasingly important to the tourism industry, especially in regional areas, where the possible sources of gross regional product are more limited than in metropolitan areas. In recognition of this potential there is a need for a methodology for assessing such impacts. This paper deals with economic impacts of program of the European Capital of Culture 2015. It was conducted questionnaire survey with the sample 1880 answers. There is presented expenses of visitors of nine events included in program. Paper compares amount of expenses and theirs structure. Most money visitor spent for boarding and self-catering and accommodation. -- Dostupné též v elektronické podobě.
    In: Hradecké ekonomické dny. -- Hradec Economic Days. -- Hradec Králové: University of Hradec Králové, 2016. -- 457 s.. -- ISSN 2464-6059. -- 978-80-7435-633-9. -- S. 293-299 (tištěný sborník), s. 299-305 (online zdroj).

    Plzeň - Evropské hlavní město kultury 2015 (projekt) * event management * management destinací * ekonomika cestovního ruchu * regionální rozvoj * festivaly - ekonomické aspekty * události - ekonomické aspekty * výzkum - Česko - 2015 * články ze sborníku
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