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The investment potential of silver

  1. Novotný, Josef

    The investment potential of silver / Josef Novotný, Lukáš Kruml. -- 1 tabulka. -- Abstrakt: Nowadays, there are many investment products on financial markets, where investors can invest their own or foreign sources. In terms of the final investment plan, it is the particular investor’s decision as to what they will invest in and on which markets. One way of appreciating monetary funds is to invest on commodity markets i.e. in silver. The main objective of this paper is to highlight the investment potential silver offers to investors. The problem is that most retail investors prefer gold rather than silver because of ignorance of its wide application and use not only for investment purposes. -- Dostupné též v elektronické podobě.
    In: Hradecké ekonomické dny. -- Hradec Economic Days. -- 411 s.. -- Hradec Králové: University of Hradec Králové, 2016. -- ISSN 2464-6059. -- 978-80-7435-634-6. -- S. 272-278 (tištěný sborník), s. 727-733 (online zdroj).
    I. Kruml, Lukáš

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