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K začiatkom slovenského prekladu

  1. Žitný, Milan, 1948-

    K začiatkom slovenského prekladu : (Bardejovský katechizmus 1581) / Milan Žitný. -- Resumé: The Beginnings of Slovak Translations (The Bardejov Catechism 1581). The Beginnings of Slovak Translations from German are connected with the Bardejov Catechism, a translation of Luther's work Der kleine Catechismus from 1529. It is the oldest book in Slovak, published in 1581 by David Guttgesell in Bardejov. The study is the first attempt to illuminate a possible German source, as well as the status of the translator in the 16th century. It focuses on the textual structure of the German original, style segments and chosen translation solutions. Part of research intention is the question of the translation into a related target language - Slovakized Czech.
    In: Preklad a tlmočenie 11. -- Banská Bystrica : Belianum, 2014. -- Vydanie prvé. -- 207 s.. -- 978-80-557-0795-2. -- S. 86-94.

    teorie překladu * překladatelství - Slovensko * překlady do slovenštiny * články ze sborníku
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