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Symbióza poetického slova a hudby v dimenzii prekladu Jely Krčméry-Vrteľovej

  1. Ďurkovičová, Miroslava

    Symbióza poetického slova a hudby v dimenzii prekladu Jely Krčméry-Vrteľovej / Miroslava Ďurkovičová. -- Resumé: Symbiosis of poetic words and music in the dimension of translation of Jela Krčméry-Vrteľová. The study focuses on the life and works of a jubilee Slovak translator of opera librettos and poetic musical and literary texts. Jela Krčméry-Vrteľová. She is a daughter of a Slovak poet, translator, journalist and literary historian Štefan Krčméry. As a translator of librettos from Italian, German and French to the Slovak language she has shown excellent language skills also thanks to her previous professional opera singing career. She has had a significant role as a translator of librettos of world famous classical and modern operas. She has also translated a lot of song lyrics, oratorios, plays and fiction. She has published two collections of verses and a book of personal memories An overflight through my life. The artistic message of Jela Krčméry-Vrteľová is represented by the harmonious symbiosis of music and literature phenomena that are interconnected with the accentuation of the individual aspects of artistic works and masterpieces.
    In: Preklad a tlmočenie 11. -- Banská Bystrica : Belianum, 2014. -- Vydanie prvé. -- 207 s.. -- 978-80-557-0795-2. -- S. 104-111.

    Krčméry-Vrteľová, Jela, 1924- * překladatelky - Slovensko - 20.-21. století * literární překlady * překlady do slovenštiny * teorie překladu * překladatelství * články ze sborníku
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