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František Miko

  1. Gál, Slavomír

    František Miko : o odhaľovaní a zahaľovaní obrazov v prekladoch Ivana Drača / Slavomír Gál. -- Resumé: On revealing and hiding of poetic images in Ivan Drach's translations. The paper analyses the poetry of Ivan Fedorovych Drach - a Ukrainian poet and a representative of the sixties generation. In seventies, he was translated into the Slovak language and during the translation process, different translation shifts occurred. We focus mainly on poetic image as a basic translation unit when translating poetry. We focus on how translators were able to preserve these images and how they "translated" the effect of the poem we analyse. When comparing original and translation, we make use of František Miko's expressional system. This complex system consisting of expressional qualities helps us reveal and compare the aesthetic value of the original and the translation as these qualities determine the final effect on the reader. Following these qualities and poetic images, we can reveal and hide poetic images and we are able to identify the cruciai parts of poetry. We are also able to state, where the mistakes have been made and why the aesthetic value has lost.
    In: Preklad a tlmočenie 11. -- Banská Bystrica : Belianum, 2014. -- Vydanie prvé. -- 207 s.. -- 978-80-557-0795-2. -- S. 112-119.

    Miko, František, 1920-2010 * Drač, Ivan, 1936- * teorie překladu * překladatelství * literární překlady * překlady do slovenštiny * články ze sborníku
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