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Prax v integrovanej výučbe odborného prekladu

  1. Angelovičová, Zuzana

    Prax v integrovanej výučbe odborného prekladu / Zuzana Kraviarová. -- Resumé: Practical experience of students within the integrated teaching of non-literary translation model. The article deals with the role of practical experience in the integrated teaching of non-literary translation model. It presents the results of two pilot years of Translation and Interpreting Centre at the Faculty of Arts, Matej Bel University, Slovakia. It is concerned with finding out the skills the Centre helped students learn and compares them with the framework set in the EMT competence model and in the OPTIMALE survey. The majority of students cooperated with the Centre voluntarily. They were motivated personally or professionally and considered the model very effective or effective. As for the skills they learned while working for the Centre, majority mentioned translation into foreign language or into the Slovak language (mother tongue), CAT tools skills, proofreading, editing and terminology mining skills. They also mentioned several soft-skills, namely communication, virtual teamwork and work under pressure. The Centre did not help the students specialize, nor did it help them find a paid job. The survey brings useful information that can be used in the future. It also identifies the weaknesses and shortcomings of the current teaching model.
    In: Preklad a tlmočenie 11. -- Vydanie prvé. -- Banská Bystrica : Belianum, 2014. -- 135 s.. -- 978-80-557-0796-9. -- S. 32-41.

    teorie překladu * překladatelství * překladatelé * profesní kompetence * odborné vzdělávání * vysokoškolské studium * výzkum - Slovensko * články ze sborníku
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