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Financial literacy and the elearning course

  1. Svobodová, Libuše

    Financial literacy and the elearning course / Libuše Svobodová. -- Anotace: The importance of electronic education has been increasing, steadily developing and constantly changing in the last decade in the Czech Republic. The article deals with the creation of the new e-learning course aimed on the financial literacy. The topic is very important. It can demonstrate the results of the studies that were aimed on the financial literacy of the Czech citizens and abroad. There is defined the term e-learning at the beginning of the article. In the following part there are described the various forms of e-learning. The purpose of the article is aimed on the e-learning course "Financial literacy" in the context of lifelong learning that could be put into practice at the Faculty of Informatics and Management at the University of Hradec Králové. The course will be composed of more financial subjects such as banking, financial markets, personal budget, insurance, public finance, taxation, accounting, and others. The course will channel through the LMS Blackboard. There will be used both on-line and off-line forms. Synchronous and also asynchronous tools will be used in communication. Social networks or investment games will be used in some topics. The students can test knowledge in practice. The absolving of the course could increase the financial literacy, which is not classified in the Czech Republic on the sufficient level. Due absolving of the course the education in this field should improve the financial literacy of people that will consequently make their lives better. The analysis of this initial state will consequently enable to identify key deciding by preparing of the course. Primarily and secondary sources were used within the framework of the topic.
    In: Sborník příspěvků z konference a soutěže eLearning 2014. -- Vydání první. -- Hradec Králové: Gaudeamus, 2014. -- 134 s.. -- 978-80-7435-481-6. -- S. 115-120.

    e-learning * vzdělávací kurzy * finanční gramotnost * finance * vysokoškolské studium * články ze sborníku
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