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Education in internal communication and knowledge implementation in corporate practice

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    Main entry-name Kašparová, Bohdana (author)
    Title statementEducation in internal communication and knowledge implementation in corporate practice / Bohdana Kašparová, Zuzana Boučková, Petra Marešová, Kamil Kuča
    Another responsib. Boučková, Zuzana (author)
    Marešová, Petra (author)
    Kuča, Kamil, 1978- (author)
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    Dostupné též v elektronické podobě
    In Hradecké ekonomické dny. Hradec Economic Days. - S. 318-235 (tištěný sborník), s. 324-331 (online zdroj)
    Subj. Headings podniková komunikace
    manažerská komunikace
    kultura organizace
    výzkum - Česko
    Form, Genre články ze sborníku
    AnnotationCommunication within corporation forms the foundation of business culture. The aim of this research is to assess the practical implementation of knowledge gained from internal communication education programs. Behavioral strategies of Czech firms were compared with multinational organizations. This research also draws the comparison between motives of companies directly financing their education and motives of companies financed from grants. Multinational organizations don´t plan on implementing systematic changes in communication despite their employees suffering from higher stress levels. Czech firms do implement changes but frequently doing so in a form of internal guidelines at the expense of practical implementation. Managers who themselves didn´t take part in these courses do not further implement their knowledge into practice.
    Conspect316.4/.7 - Sociální interakce. Sociální komunikace
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