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Orgie textu - slasti prekladu

  1. Huťková, Anita, 1974-

    Orgie textu - slasti prekladu : (o tom, ako prekladatel' neodolá pokušeniu zavŕšiť rolu autora alebo Legenda o slovenskom preklade posledného diela Alfonza Talamona) / Anita Huťková. -- Summary: Orgy of Text - the Pleasure of Translation (How the Translator Cannot Resist the Temptation to Complete the Author's Role or The Legend of the Slovak Translation of Alfonz Talamon's Final Work). The study deals with the Slovak translation of the final work of the young author Alfonz Tálamon who lived in Slovakia and wrote books in the Hungarian language. The collection of humorous anecdotes and stones was published post - mortem and it was translated by the excellent translator Renáta Desková. The study reveals postmodern features of the manuscript and idiolect of its author (especially long and complex sentences typical for the baroque style). It is concerned with a varied communication register which draws on diverse thematic areas (a pub, an alcohol, a football, a war, the Austria - Hungary period etc.) and it also focuses on an expressive paradigm of various provenances (Hebrew, Latin, French, Hungarian, German and Slovak). This mixture of languages and expressions also contains different types of vocabulary - from colloquial speech (sometimes even dialect), slang, jargon, archaic lexemes to terminology used in specialized areas (such as military operations, fire extinguishers etc.). It is also a blend of realistic and absurd (possibly made - up) situations and the translator dealt with them excellently. We pay our special attention to the unusual and daring translator's decision to "create" the last chapter. She copied Talamon's style and clarified some of the facts about the manuscript and chapters which were left unsaid because of the author's premature death.
    In: Preklad a tlmočenie 11. -- Banská Bystrica : Belianum, 2014. -- Vydanie prvé. -- 207 s.. -- 978-80-557-0795-2. -- S. 129-140.

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