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Slovenská literatúra v anglickom preklade po roku 1989

  1. Pánisová, Ĺudmila

    Slovenská literatúra v anglickom preklade po roku 1989 / Ĺudmila Pánisová. -- Summary: Slovak literature in English translation since 1989. Literature as an essential part of the culture becomes its representative in the process of translation. Its informative function is relevant especially in relation to the translation from less - translated languages including Slovak. The aim of the articie is to present the results of research focused on the current situation and perspectives of translation of the Slovak literature into English. Due to the fact that Slovak translation theory concentrates mainly on Slovak translations of literature from foreign languages, the analysis of translations of Slovak literature into English has been usually disregarded. Therefore, the results of the research presented in the article are not only interesting, but they are also a challenge to pay attention to this topic and support activities contributing to the presentation of Slovak literature, as well as culture, abroad.
    In: Preklad a tlmočenie 11. -- Banská Bystrica : Belianum, 2014. -- Vydanie prvé. -- 207 s.. -- 978-80-557-0795-2. -- S. 171-178.

    teorie překladu * překladatelství * literární překlady * slovenská literatura * překlady ze slovenštiny * překlady do angličtiny * články ze sborníku
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